Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy is generated from the sun. As our greatest source of heat and energy, the sun is able to generate electricity for FREE!

We offer a range of solar energy systems at affordable prices as well as regular special promotions and discounts to make it easier for you to save. We also offer payment plans up to 60 months.

In one word: FABULOUS!
Our modern, low-profile design and premium front trim integrate elegantly into your roof. It’s a look that never goes out of style.

Our panels capture the sun’s energy, channels it through discreetly placed wires to an inverter, where it’s converted to electricity to power your home.

It’s big! The average WiSolar power system will offset 178 tons of CO2 over 30 years. That’s like avoiding 390,300 miles driven, planting 10 football fields full of trees or eliminating 174,907 pounds of burned coal.

Absolutely! As long as there is daylight, it will work.

Why not! You might not stay in your home for the next 20 years. And that’s okay. If you move and need to move your solar power system, we’ll be there to help transfer your system.

The property value advantages of solar energy only increase as you scale up. Studies show installing a 5kW solar electricity system adds an average of R 400 000.00 to the retail value of a medium-sized home.

Backfeeding is basically when a user exports excess power produced back to the grid in exchange for credits.
When backfeeding is performed, electric utility providers will install a specially engineered electrical meter that is capable of net metering.

A net metering framework that would boost the commercial and residential PV roof segments is being developed by certain municipalities.

Under a net metering scheme, the electricity generated is “banked” and used to offset any electricity consumption from the grid over a billing period, such as one month.

Net billing does not allow for the banking of credit and all power injections are credited as they are injected.

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